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Remaining Ten-X Auction Dates for 2019

  • September 09, 2019

You still have time to buy/sell and close in 2019 by leveraging the Ten-X platform.

Below are the remaining auction dates for the rest of the year.

Auction Date Marketing Go-Live Date
October 29 – 31 September 10
November 4 – 6 September 17
November 18 – 20 September 27
December 3 – 5 October 7
December 9 – 11 October 22

Buyers: In order to bid on auction day for an asset/assets, you will need to register to bid for each asset, which includes verifying proof of funds and providing a participation deposit. This process should be done prior to the Auction Date. Please see our Auction Buyer FAQ for more details.

Brokers/Sellers: In order to meet the deadline to have your asset(s) “Go-Live” and begin marketing to the Ten-X universe, Ten-X will need all due diligence documents and related on-boarding documentation for each asset approximately 5 to 7 business days before said “Go-Live” date.


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