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New Ten-X Data Tools for CRE Investors

  • November 14, 2019

To help investors better navigate the CRE marketplace, our Data Insights team has developed a unique set of market intelligence dashboards. Leveraged on behalf of our customers, these new tools make it easier than ever to compare property markets and tap into current trends and transaction activity, both on and off the Ten-X platform.


The Ten-X Universal Market Screener provides insights into how different property markets rank on CRE Fundamentals and Investment Opportunity so stakeholders can analyze properties or portfolios and know whether to hold—or sell—a property.

Key Features:

•  Ranks all U.S. metros on CRE Fundamentals and Investment Opportunity using economic, demographic, CRE fundamentals, and capital markets data.

• Comparative market sets are filterable by market tier, property type, and region. Outputs are delivered via data tables and easy-to-use bubble charts.

• Screener weights can be manually adjusted to align with investor preference and criteria.



The Ten-X Commercial Real Estate Ecosystem (CREE) is a comprehensive information ecosystem of historical U.S. transaction volume. Buyer and seller information is broken out, allowing us to track and monitor the tendencies of other investors, as they shift from acquisition to disposition in certain property types and markets.

Commercial Real Estate Ecosystem tool from Ten-X

Key Features:

• Sortable database of CRE investor activity, including all historical transaction activity.

• Analyze investor activity both on and off the Ten-X platform. See when, what, and where investors are buying vs. selling.

• Filter by property type, date range, entity, state, and price to see where certain investors are picking up or scaling back activity, both on and off the Ten-X platform.



The Ten-X Market Activity Tracker is a dashboard that allows us to analyze real-time U.S. CRE deal volume momentum at the state and metro level. In addition to giving investors a view of where CRE is trading most actively by volume, the color of the bubbles indicates momentum and gives us a leg up on identifying what’s speeding up and slowing down.

Key Features:

• Maps display colored circles representing momentum trends and the size of the market.

• View trends on the Ten-X platform or across the entire CRE market. Filter results by property type, price range, buyer type, seller type/name, and state.

• We can also see where the platform is seeing more robust activity than the overall deal environment.

To put our data tools to work for you, contact us at (888) 770-7332 or research@ten-x.com


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