Sell to the right buyers with Managed Bid

Managed Bid is an online solution within the Ten-X platform that uses data-driven technology to attract the right mix of qualified, sophisticated commercial real estate investors who are in the market for high-value commercial properties.

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Count on more control

Managed Bid removes uncertainty by shortlisting and selecting a group of commercial buyers to participate in the live auction event.


Onboard +
Collect Information

The seller and their preferred broker will
work with the Ten-X team to set a
reserve price and collect necessary
financial information, as well as due
diligence documentation.

List Your Asset

The Ten-X team will build out a comprehensive property detail page (PDP) on the platform. This includes professional photography, unique selling points and due diligence documents.


Precision-Match Your Property

Our proprietary algorithms will precision-match buyers from your custom lists, third-party sources and the Ten-X database of 400,000+ qualified investors.

Complimentary Asset Marketing

Ten-X will launch a multi-channel marketing campaign that includes print and digital ads, email, call campaigns, social media and moreā€”at no cost to you.

Call for Indicative Bids

Once the reserve is set, pre-approved buyers place their indicative bids. Brokers and sellers review these bids and shortlisted buyers are selected to bid on auction day.


The Auction Begins

Managed Bid auctions are online events where qualified, shortlisted buyers place their best bids online directly. Once the reserve price is met, bidders and sellers receive an alert.

A Winning Bid Is Selected

Once the winning bid is selected, Ten-X coordinates the deposit of earnest money and begins the automated contracts and closing process.


Reach an exclusive audience

Managed Bid is a valuable solution for sellers who want an expedited, time-certain sale and an early look at the potential commercial market pricing. It is also an ideal fit for higher-value commercial properties, which are likely to be sold to a more sophisticated buyer.

Pursue better leads

Ten-X technology precision-matches buyers to commercial asset opportunities that align with their investment strategy to ensure the right buyers see the right properties.

Attract global buyers

Ten-X data science uncovers unknown, pre-qualified investors from around the world who want to move capital into the U.S.

Deeper insight

With access to best-in-class research and due diligence, Ten-X ensures investors have everything they need to make an informed buying decision upfront and before auction day.

Streamlined process

Go from list to close in record time with state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled support from a dedicated, in-house team.

Maximum value

Brokers can spend more time focusing on what counts with commercial property auction market dynamics that maximize deal value.

Certainty of close

Qualified buyers and a standardized process increase the certainty of close, reducing risk for investors and brokers.

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  • Live Bid

    Hit your desired close date and get an expedited sale with a live auction that lets you accept offers once they exceed the reserve price.

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