Quarterly Hotel Monitor – May 2019

  • May 01, 2019

The Hotel Monitor analyzes US macroeconomic and hospitality fundamentals and provides coverage, including new forecasts, on the top 52 US hospitality markets.

In a new addition to the Hotel Monitor, pages 12-14 analyze buyer dynamics and hospitality trends on the Ten-X platform, offering an alternative look at investor behavior.

The US labor market is a bastion of strength, but the future of the ongoing economic expansion is being clouded by more financial market volatility, geopolitical concerns, and bond market troubles. Any future disruption of economic growth could shake the hotel segment, which historically tracks closely with US economic performance. Hotel operating conditions are inching ahead for now, with the Southeast region, particularly the major Florida markets, having the strongest outlook.

The back section of the report contains market-by-market analysis and forecasts, which often differ dramatically from one another.

The report is intended for internal use only, but please contact us if you’d like to share the report with select clients.

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